I Express My Creativity

blogphototreesThere is one Power one Creative Intelligence, flowing through, in and around everything and everyone. I am one with that Power, that Creative Intelligence. I am spirit having a human experience.

I recognize my fundamental drive to be creative, to express as a full and complete human being. I allow myself to dream big, to ask the right questions, the “what if” questions. I throw off thoughts of lack, limitation, and fear, and step into new adventures. I step through the next threshold into greater possibilities. I recognize the Divine Strength and Infinite Wisdom at the center of my being, waiting to be released. I put more into life, and take more out of it. I take action, exercising the power of choice, and express a resurgence of creativity to build the life I desire. I am a divine conduit for creative self-expression.

With gratitude, I release my word into the law of mind, knowing it returns to me multiplied abundantly.

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