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I Am Creative

As there is One Power, and I am one with that Power, I recognize my fundamental drive to be creative, to express as a full and complete human being. I allow myself to dream big, to ask the right questions, the “what if” questions. I throw off thoughts of lack, limitation and fear and step intoblogredpetal new adventures. I step through the next threshold into greater possibilities. I recognize the divine strength and Infinite wisdom at the center of my being, waiting to be released. I put more into life, and take more out of it. I take action, exercising the power of choice, and express a resurgence of creativity to build the life I desire. I am a divine conduit for creative self-expression.

With gratitude and joyous expectation, I release my word into the Law of Mind, knowing my creativity is expanding exponentially.

And so  it is.


I Attract a Loving Relationshipblogbear

There is one Creative Intelligence that is everywhere present. It is the Creator that creates all. It creates me, flows through me, supports me and expresses as me. I am Creative Intelligence in action.

I have within me all the confidence, charisma, compassion and understanding to draw to myself a deep, satisfying and loving relationship with a loving, committed mate. I radiate the qualities that I desire in another person. I know that somewhere there is someone who needs and wants a loving relationship with me. I connect with a committed relationship that is mutually beneficial, mutually fulfilling and mutually loving. We are intuitively in harmony; we love and enjoy each other just as we are. I am loved and loving, and know with certainty that I attract the right and perfect mate to share my journey through life. Spirit moves beneath the surface to bring us together.
I gratefully receive and give thanks for this perfect relationship, and more. I release my word into the Universe, knowing it is already so.

And so it is.

I Have My Right and Perfect Work

blogwhiteflowerThere is now and always only One: One Creative Mind, One Divine Intelligence, One Universal Power. I am an individualized expression of that Mind, that Intelligence, that Power. I am designed to create my destiny, to order my life according to my desires. I am an expression of Creative Intelligence in action.

And right here and right now, I declare that Creative Intelligence provides all that I need and more to perform at my highest and best ability for my job search. I align my thoughts with Its perfect, unlimited power as I demonstrate confidence in my ability to expertly express my unique gifts and talents. I know exactly what to say and how to say it in all talks and interviews. I am dynamic as I demonstrate my intelligence, creativity, competency, communication skills, commitment, charisma, knowledge, team spirit, leadership ability, enthusiasm and more. I am offered and accept the job that I desire. I work on projects that are fulfilling and rewarding; I am paid my full worth; I work in the right and perfect location with the right and perfect people; I continue to grow professionally. I live in financial abundance and radiant good health. I am loved and loving. I enjoy creative expression in my work and avocations. I attract much happiness into my experience.

I gratefully receive and give thanks for the job that I desire, for my ever-expanding professional and personal growth and more. With joyous expectation, I release my word into the Law of Mind, knowing it returns to me multiplied abundantly. And so it is.


I Create My Own Experience

I am a center in the Divine Mind, a point of God-conscious life, truth and action. My affairs are divinely guided and guarded into right action, into correct results. Everything I do, say or think, is stimulated by the Truth. There is power in this word that I speak, because it is of the Truth and it is the Truth. There is perfect and continuous right action in my life and my affairs.blogflower2

My word has power, and I trust it to produce the right and perfect results in my life and the lives of others.

Spirit animates everything I do, say or think. Ideas come to me daily and these ideas are divine ideas; they direct me and sustain me without effort. I am continuously directed. I do the right thing at the right time, say the right word at the right time, follow the right course at all times. I release any doubt or fear, knowing that I live in the Spirit of Truth and am conscious that the Spirit of Truth lives in me. My word is law and creates my experience.

I gratefully release my word into the Law of Mind, knowing it returns to me multiplied abundantly.

And so it is.

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