I Accept What Is

blogphotovenusThere is now and always only One. One Mind, One Spirit, One Power. I am an individualized expression of that Mind, that Spirit, that Power. I am God in action here on this plane of consciousness.

Right here an right now, I accept what is. Despite what goes on in the world of conditions, my heart softens for all people. I know love transcends gender, race and other human differences. I heal my heart to have compassion and love for all. I change my thinking and my life, and in this way, shift and lift others to express love, compassion, tolerance and understanding in the greater world.

I anchor my thoughts, actions and feelings in faith and love. I see the divinity in others, as in myself. I open my heart to the Divine, practicing sympathy and compassion for others who are also expressions of the Divine. With compassion, I find my own way to the Divine; I generate love for mankind, for humanity, declaring that I transform my consciousness to support a world that works for all.

I gratefully receive and thanks for this pathway to Divine love, compassion and more. I release my word into the Law of Mind, knowing it returns to me multiplied abundantly.

And so it is.


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