blogphotobuddhaGod is. I am. I am an individualized expression of God in action. I am Spirit having a human experience. When I learn of disease contagion in the world, I think: Perfect God, perfect man, perfect body, I know I am more than my body. I monitor my thought to generate a mental attitude, a consciousness, of great health. I proactively engage in generating radiant good health through my daily habits and the maintenance of my body. I treat (use affirmative prayer) and use my feet to strengthen my immune system and its protection.

I recognize the contagion of fear operating in the larger world, and I know I am a center of consciousness, a point of power, operating as God in expression in my own life. Thus, I release all fear, all doubt, all concerns to generate the confidence, freedom, expansiveness, abundance and overflow in my personal experience. And as I move into the fray of the larger world, into the conflicts of the conditioned life, I focus on the good, the love, the joy, the beauty and the harmony that can replace that contagion of fear, anger, resentment and conflict. I know that I, as an expression of God in action, can contribute to positive outcomes in my life, as well as to the greater arenas of human experience, Even though I am imperfect and vulnerable, I can connect to Spirit and its power and use that power to serve me, so that I contribute to a world that works for all.

I gratefully receive and give thanks for this good flowing into my experience. I release my word into the Law of Mind, knowing it returns to me multiplied abundantly.

And so it is.

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